Homemade Top Quality Custom Leather Goods

Made For Mayhem

Our products are designed and assembled in Orange County, California. Inspired by the punk rock culture and the timeless American West influence.

Ol' timey, classic, & rugged leather goods such as wallets, belts, knife sheaths, keychains, chokers, & more.

Custom Leather Anything

Custom Leather Anything


Oops I did it again...

We have as promised, collected a small list of gifts for the man who deserves it.

 These 3 luxury items will make a man forget whatever mistake you did. We found all these great "gadgets" online and they are shipped worldwide.

You need to hurry up, though. All items seen in this article are limited editions.


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CG Quick Picks


Studded Leather Belts


Custom Leather Wallets


Thick Leather Spiked Chokers


CG Custom Leather Bondage Sets

The Man, the Myth, the Leatherworker

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